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One thing I like about the Game of Diplomacy is, anything goes. Sometimes this causes meta-game frustration, and I’m here to address it.

“There are only a couple of smart players in this game, including me.”
Let’s give you a lot of credit and assume you’re right. Then you know who your adversary will be! If the other smart player uses the dummies to destroy you and then steals the solo victory, don’t be upset with the stupidity. Be upset with yourself for not taking advantage of it like your opponent did. This is a real part of politics.


Diplomacy ( is a classic war strategy game created in 1954, originally played in person or by mail. I won’t paste the rules, but here’s the gist: Each player controls a power with some starting territory and forces, and the goal is to capture enough territory to win. There are no binding alliances, only words. Each turn, players negotiate with each other, decide their moves, and submit them to the game master, who executes them all at once. The turn length is preset, anywhere from 5 minutes to an entire week. …


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